Our X-PRO D200 travels to Croatia

The start-up of the X-PRO D200 took place in SISAK, one of the Croatian towns affected by the earthquake of 2020, and more specifically at the old cinema theatre which was built in the 1960s and needed reinforcement on both inside and outside walls.

Who and Why ?

The end-user was the construction company MAR, a civil engineering company for construction and energy work on infrastructure facilities.

The machine was sold by our Croatian distributor – REDITUM.



The end user needed a powerful diesel machine for wet shotcrete to meet his needs, so he chose our X-PRO D200 because compared to a standard concrete pump :

– it has a continuous flow, therefore it’s more comfortable to work with;

– it is lighter weight;

– it is more affordable from the costs point of view;

– it is versatile.


All of these characteristics made it possible for him to manage this project easily and efficiently.

Furthermore, on the technical side, the machine was used with a 5.5 m3/min compressor and the product sprayed was a special shotcrete with an average grain size of 0-4 mm.

Customer feedback

Following this commissioning, the feedback was all positive: the application was perfect, the end-user, the site engineers, the workers… as well as Branko from Reditum were satisfied with the capabilities of the X-PRO.

We hope that they will be tempted by another machine from our range in the future!

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