Spraying plaster with drones? It's possible!

drone projetant produit

In 2018, at Domaine de Boisbuchet in Lessac, France, the challenge for participants in the Future Earthen Dwellers event was to build a habitable vault structure in 5 days made entirely from local natural materials but incorporating new robotic manufacturing principles, in this case the drone.

The drone and the machine: technicity and technology

Our machines are evolving along with technology, which is why it is now possible to spray paint or plaster using a drone.


The machine that was connected to the drone in order to spray the product on the different coatings was the Compact-Pro 35 with its mixer. Initially, this machine is designed to apply a wide variety of products on medium and large sites such as exterior thermal insulation (ETI) adhesives and coatings, thick coatings as well as lightweight hydraulic coatings.


Here, the drone was piloted by a professional to control the speed and pressure of the product application. It was important to pilot it correctly in order to manage the timing (including the time needed for drying).



Moreover, thanks to the “Future Earthen Dwellers” project, our machine has been able to prove itself on environmental projects like this one and we are very proud of it.

Boisbuchet project

The people behind this project are Stéphanie Chaltiel, a French architect and Shameel Muhammed, a Dubai architect. It is an international project with great values that has brought together people from different backgrounds.

Find here the video presentation of the project on the Boisbuchet article.

It was also an opportunity to show that we don’t just do building projects, but also that our machine is capable of handling projects of this scale.

2 personnes qui tiennent un drone

Photo credits : Boisbuchet

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