The profession of boilermaker in our company

chaudronnier soudage

At Euromair, the profession of boilermaker is very important. 

In our company we have 4 boilermakers who prepare and manufacture parts, check their conformity, make metal structures from plans and assemble sub-assemblies in compliance with quality, safety and environmental requirements.

Skills required

This job requires numerous skills and know-how such as controlling parts, assembly and finishing (grinding, deburring, straightening), performing welding requiring the Metal Active Gas -MAG- qualification (semi-automatic MAG arc welding with a fusible electrode wire). But also to carry out a welding requiring the qualification Metal Inert Gas -MIG- (Semi-automatic arc welding MIG with fuse wire, and to carry out a welding requiring the qualification Tungsten Inert Gas -TIG- (Arc welding TIG with filler wire).

Let’s take a closer look at these last methods, which are widely used in our company for the assembly of our parts.

Zoom on the MIG and TIG methods


According to the Rocdacier website, “MIG welding under inert gas protection is a so-called “semi-automatic” welding process. For this process, an electric arc is created between the part to be welded and the filler wire.

When the arc is obtained, this filler wire is unwound at a constant and continuous speed into the molten pool generated by the powerful energy of this arc. A weld bead is obtained by mixing the filler metal and the base metal, which is melting during the arc.”

Equipment required:
équipement soudure MIG
fil pour soudure MIG

MIG welding machine

Steel wire coil


According to the SAF-FRO website, “TIG welding exploits the heat generated by an electric arc between the metals being joined and uses a tungsten electrode, located at the welding torch. The arc area is then surrounded by an inert gas envelope to protect the molten pool and the tungsten electrode.

The welder brings the filler metal, in rod form, directly into the molten pool by hand.”

Equipment required:
équipement soudure TIG

TIG welding machine

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